Daily Gospel Reflection for November 25, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 20:27-40

At first glance, this Gospel seems to have very little to do with modern life. First of all, not many families have seven sons anymore. Also, marrying a brother’s widow would probably get you on a reality show pretty quickly, especially if you were the fifth or sixth brother in a row to do so.

But do you know what still happens all the time? People questioning God. And not just questioning but playing that game where you keep asking questions while trying to use the answers to justify something that you already know the correct answer to. I think we can all have this trait of a Sadducee in us sometimes. We try to trick Jesus into giving us our way when we know we’re in the wrong. I know I do. “Oh, I’m doing this for a good reason” or “Jesus didn’t mean it in THAT way” or, my personal favorite, “It’s not like I’m killing someone or anything.” We try to justify our actions in our own mind, and then try to convince God to see it our way. When I reflect on times that I’ve tried to do this, I imagine God has that look on His face that parents get when their child is describing how good they have been all year to the mall Santa Claus. “Nice try, kid. You want to try that again?”

And right there, I stop in my tracks and first thank God for the gift of His mercy. For not smiting me on the spot when I try to tell Him how to run the universe He created and allows me to be a part of. My next prayer? Asking God to allow me the grace and humility to see things as they really are: His way.


When is the last time you tried to trick God into seeing things your way and what did you learn from that experience?


God, Your ways are so much better than my ways, regardless of what I convince myself sometimes. Keep my eyes and heart always focused on You and not my desperate pleas to be right.

Copyright 2017 Jennifer Durney

Jennifer Durney works for the Diocese of Erie in the areas of both Youth and Young Adult Ministry as well as College Campus Ministry. She and her husband, Matt, share a passion for ministry to youth, community and active modeling of the faith in daily life, especially as they navigate their first year as parents to their beautiful daughter, Vivianne.

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  1. If God had listened to my plans and did things my way, I would not have 9 children. I hate to think of all the blessings I would gave missed out on if I took means to thwart God’s plans!

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