Daily Gospel Reflection for November 27, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 21:1-4

Did her two copper coins clink as they fell from her fingers into the offering box? Were they too small to make a sound at all? Did her hand tremble as she let them go?

We don’t know how the widow felt when she gave her offering, but we know that those two tiny coins were worth a great deal to her. A widow during Jesus’ time was on the sidelines of society. Without a guaranteed income, she might not know the source of her next meal. There was no extra, yet she put in what she had.

I think of her sometimes when I feel completely overwhelmed and unable to do all that must be done. When I cannot handle one more request, the requests still come. A friend needs help watching her children so she can go to an appointment. The fifth grade catechist needs a substitute for Sunday. Another friend is setting up meals for a new mom of twins. My daughters want their hair braided in a special way, and my toddler wants extra books read before his nap. There is simply not enough of me to go around.

By assuming that there will not be enough, I operate from a place of deprivation. The widow, though she had very little, did not live as one deprived. Trusting God means believing that He knows what we need and that there is going to be enough of it. When we trust that God will take care of us, we make decisions differently – we decide to give when we are called to give instead of just when we have extra. We become people who have plenty – not because we have a lot left over, but because we trust that there will be enough.


What is one area of your life where you feel called to give more but feel afraid that you will not have enough? Ask God to bless your efforts at sacrificing.


Jesus, when I am afraid that I will not have enough, help me to trust that my Father will meet my needs and will bless what I choose to give. Amen.

Copyright 2017 Abbey Dupuy

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