Daily Gospel Reflection for November 28, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 21:5-11

In today’s Gospel reading, while some people are enjoying the beauty of the temple, Jesus seems to spoil the moment for them. He warns of the destruction of the temple where “not one stone will be left upon another stone.” He then warns of various unpleasant and downright terrifying events that will signal what is commonly called the “Christian end-times”. If the earthquakes, wars, famines, and plagues are not frightening enough, Jesus says that imposters will claim to be Him, having returned to the earth.

Books on end-times prophesy, as well as fiction based on end-time scenarios, are scooped up by avid readers hungry to know if the end is coming soon or what that end may be like. Before reverting back to my Catholic roots, I was in a non-denominational Christian woman’s bible study that obsessed over the end-times that were surely upon us.

Studying the Bible, the original writings of the Church fathers, the writings of the saints from many hundreds of years ago, and history itself, I observed the constancy of human nature, the prevalence of wars and natural disasters, and many generations convinced that they were the last.

If we have our eternal priorities straight, then we need not fret or be consumed by worry about “Christian end-times”. Jesus assures us that we need not be terrified or fooled. Our job is to simply live each day to the glory of God as if He will call us to our final home tomorrow.

We know that as lovely as planet Earth is, it is not our permanent home. We are only travelers. In our personal end-times, when we see our dear Lord face to face, only our pure loving works will survive along with us. That is our best focus.


Prayer helps us to keep our priorities straight, build trust in the Lord, and is an amazing way to calm our anxieties. How important is your prayer life to you?


Holy Spirit, teach me to pray in a way that best glorifies God. Lead me to make time each day for prayer and increase my hunger to be one with God.

Copyright 2017 Meggie K. Daly

Meggie K. Daly blogs at themagdaleneletters.blogspot.com. She is the mother of six adult children and three grandchildren. She is also working on a book that extends the methods of Lectio Divina to the rosary. She is, also, writing her first novel ever so slowly between her ministry work and part-time University Math teaching. She is a retired research scientist.

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  1. Amen, Meggie! I have many fundamentalists friends who have the end times all figured out: how it will happen, anyways, though not when. All I know for sure is ever since Jesus ascended we have been in the end times. How long it will last, no one knows. But with every passing day, I get closer to my end time. So may I live today ready for His coming.

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