Daily Gospel Reflection for November 30, 2017 - St. Andrew


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 4:18-22 – St. Andrew

I once heard a pediatrician say how frustrating it must be to be a child, as children get interrupted 100 times a day. Now as a mom who hadn’t shaved both legs at one time without an interruption for the last 10 years, I had to laugh. But the more I paid attention to my daily routine, the more her comment made sense.

Throughout a day, I would tell my little ones to brush their teeth, get into the car, come to a meal, take a bath, pick up their toys. Many times my requests, though all for the good of my children, weren’t exactly in sync with their plans. There were times when my schedule said it was time to take them to the doctor and their schedule said it was time to play Littlest Pet Shoppe.

In today’s Gospel, Peter and Andrew are fishing when Jesus invites them to follow Him. It appears they were interrupted. Jesus knew their schedule, yet He called them in the middle of their work day, in the middle of their cast even. Yet unlike my toddler when I would tell her to leave her toys and come with me, the two fishermen don’t throw a fit. In fact, they immediately leave their nets and follow Him. Why? Because the encounter with Jesus overshadowed the interruption.

Jesus entered their lives right where they were on the Sea of Galilee, offered an invitation to follow Him, and promised to make them fishers of men. And He does the same for us. He meets us were we are and invites us to be His disciple. You see, an encounter with Jesus is never an interruption. Even if it may appear to be an inconvenient time in your life when you hear the Lord say, “Follow me,” trust Him. Jesus knows exactly what you need and when.


Have I ever not followed the prompting of the Spirit to stop and pray, to go to adoration, to go to Mass, etc… because I was too busy with my daily routine? How can I resolve to leave my “nets” and follow when I hear the Lord calling me?


Lord, thank You for seeking me out and for calling me to follow You and to help build up Your kingdom. Give me the grace I need to recognize Your presence in my everyday activities and the courage I need to always do the will of the Father.

Copyright 2017 Kelly Wahlquist

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  1. This is so beautifully written, Kelly, and so true! I do interrupt my kids 100 times a day, and I never really realized it. I’m so focused on getting them to where they need to be, I don’t recognize and/or appreciate that they’re in the middle of what really matters to them. I also love your reminder that we need to leave our “nets” when we’re called. For me, my “net” is my to-do list, which I clutch to with both hands. But if I don’t let it go, I won’t have that encounter with Jesus that I so yearn for.

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