Small Success: Because We Need a Little Advent


Welcome back! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a restful weekend.

Discouragement at all there is to do in preparation for Advent and Christmas comes easy. Lights. Gifts. Cards. Special events. The schedule looks crowded before we get to the first Sunday, and this is the shortest Advent we can have.

Normally, I’m a big fierce contender for not hanging up a single Christmas decoration until Advent, but this year, we recognized we’d be pressed if we didn’t start early. Sunday, my brother and his wife and four kids came to visit. We ate pie, played guitar, laughed and the kids played tag inside and out. I let the kids put on the all-Christmas-music station and they helped assemble the inflatable dragon in the front yard, while my youngest set up the Nativity scene, complete with LED tea lights because she explained, “it would help people find Jesus.” I drew the line at putting up the tree. That’s next week’s project. Still, it allowed us to enjoy the process, rather than worry about “getting it done.” We enjoyed the “need a little Christmas moment.”

The next day at school, a junior came into the Writing Lab and wanted advice on getting ready for college. “Pick one thing a day and do it,” we explained. The theory for her preparing for college and our preparing for Christmas worked the same. A little each day kept the whole from being overwhelming. That evening, I practiced piano for the first time in a long time. Part of what keeps me from practicing is the attempt to do the whole piece. Applying the same logic, I let myself work on a page, and enjoyed it much more. I still needed to complete some financial aid forms. Did the process work for this tedious task? Yes. It did. Do part of the whole each day, and the whole will be done. I can’t tell you how much stress evaporated. Praying the rosary in sets of ten throughout the day helps me get through all of it by the end. It all seemed obvious, and yet I don’t know about you, but I need regular reminders.

So steep yourself in the process and enjoy these days of “blessed waiting,” without getting overwhelmed by all there is to do. So even though it doesn’t start until Sunday, prepare yourself to do a little Advent and a little Christmas each day and enjoy the process, making all the parts of the preparations until you get to the whole holy day. Happy Small Success Thursday!

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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