Daily Gospel Reflection for December 1, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 21:29-33

I fell in love with the Word of God at a whole new level when I did the Ignatian Exercises. Instead of the traditional 30-day silent retreat where the retreatant meditates 4 or 5 hours a day with the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, I opted for the nineteenth annotation—one hour of meditation per day over about 9 months. (A curious timeframe to say the least.) This love affair was cemented when I concluded the Exercises in the Holy Land. Everywhere I went—walking along the Sea of Galilee or through the bustling streets of Jerusalem, along the Via Dolorosa, taking a dip in the River Jordan—I could say in a very real way, “I’ve been here before—in prayer.”

When I got home, I bought the Bible on CD. I listen to it in the car, while cleaning, or making dinner. I fall asleep to the Psalms at night. I want it flowing into me at every available moment. I want to own God’s word. I want to know in a much deeper way the power and permanence of Holy Scripture. Jesus says it Himself in today’s reading, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”

Amen, His word is here to stay. It will outlast television news and newspaper headlines. His word, living and active and real, will outlive our elections and presidents and economy, our trials and tribulations, great and small. His word, the foundation of our Church, will outlast every scandal and persecution.

I say I want to own His word, but what I really want is for His word to own me, to form and to fill me, and spill out of my mouth and my heart like an eternal crystalline spring.


What are my favorite scripture verses, the ones written across my heart? How do I share them with others or live them every day?


Jesus, open my ears to hear Your word anew, open my mind to understand it with wisdom, open my heart to love it more perfectly, and open my mouth to proclaim it in truth, love, and gratitude.

Copyright 2017 Elizabeth M. Kelly

Elizabeth M. Kelly is an award-winning speaker and author. She has written six books, including the forthcoming A Catholic Woman’s Worth: Finding, Healing and Flourishing the Feminine Heart in Christ (Loyola Press 2017). A certified spiritual director, she leads retreats with a special emphasis on helping women to flourish in their faith. You may visit her website at www.emkbooks.com.

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