"Thanksgiving" by Kimberly Nettuno ( (2005), CC0 Public Domain

By the time you read this post, we will be ready to submerge ourselves in the joy of Advent. I love that this bountiful time begins on the doorstep of Thanksgiving. What a beautiful rest stop among our approaching journey toward the birth of our Lord. I love to imagine the three planets gathering above the Thanksgiving table. They draw toward one another, bound by the energy of hands bound in thanks-filled prayer.
I find it no mistake that on the following Sunday, we celebrated Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. Acceleration excites this universe as we begin our gaze upward. The first Sunday of Advent now upon us; let us begin our guided journey. As we walk in anticipation, let us not forget how it began. A knock at the front door reminds us to be thankful for His entering, eternal gift of joy.

knocking on warming doorstep,
an infant of prayer blessed Joy.
Three planets align above table,
follow us, they call,
gather in our shining light.
Three planets joined in prayer,
here He is, they lead,
united above welcome Christ.
awaiting in lowly manger,
an infant of Mary blessed Boy.

Copyright 2017 Kimberly Nettuno


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Kimberly Nettuno posts her poetry and reflections at When not writing, she enjoys working on her farm in North Georgia where she makes certified organic goodies for her critters and the surrounding, local farms. She shares this life with her husband, three home-schooled daughters, two dogs, two cats, three horses, eight goats, some two dozen chickens, and thousands of bees.

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