Daily Gospel Reflection for December 3, 2017 - First Sunday of Advent


Today’s Gospel: Mark 13:33-37 – First Sunday of Advent

“You do not know the hour when the master of the house will come.” (Mark 13:35)

A few years ago, my six-year old great-nephew, died suddenly. A couple days before, he said to me, “You know, Janet, God is a part of every family.”

Tyler often expressed practical theological statements from his simple but wise view of the world and God. As his dad said at his funeral liturgy, “Tyler had a comforting understanding about spirituality and many times talked about God, asking us if we knew that he came from God.”

Tyler’s words to me were so true. Families – all of us – don’t need to “put God” into our lives, because God is already there. It is not our job to pray and do good works so God will come and be with us, so God will love us. God already loves us totally, unconditionally. God is already here; we just need to take the time to become more aware. Sometimes that is hard to do because we live such busy lives. Our job is to slow down and become aware that (in Tyler’s words) “you know, God is a part of every family; every life.”

If we live with this realization, we won’t need to be concerned with the admonition in today’s Gospel. We will be awake and ready.

As this Advent begins, start or deepen a specific prayer ritual, an intentional time for prayer, during your day. This designated time, and a particular type of prayer you enjoy, can set the atmosphere for your day: recognizing all the ways God is with you.


When am I uniquely aware that God is with me?


Ever-present God, thank you for the wondrous ways you are a part of every corner of my life. Help me to be more and more awake to Your constant overwhelming presence, a sign of such gracious love!

Copyright 2017 Janet Schaeffler

A leader of days of reflection/retreats, parish missions, workshops/presentations, facilitator of groups, author, and facilitator of online classes (University of Dayton and Boston College), Janet Schaeffler, OP continues the ministry in which she was involved in parishes and as Director of Adult Faith Formation for the Archdiocese of Detroit.

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