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Welcome to First Mondays with Lisa! We’re sharing our thoughts on the meditations from The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar by Lisa Hendey.

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I know everyone is busy these days. It’s become somewhat cliched to respond “busy” when people ask us how we are doing. We all tote our kids here and there, or else our kids are (like mine) very young and need assistance with everything from getting dressed to eating and cleaning up toys. Bonus to busyness if you have special needs kiddos like myself!

Even so, we Catholic moms need something that draws us back to the wellspring of our faith. I know I do every day. Before Veronica, our newborn, arrived five months ago, I had a very regimented and scheduled daily prayer time. But we all know how it goes after a newborn arrives: there is no schedule for a time! Only recently did I feel that nudge to get back on track with my time with the Lord.

"First Mondays with Lisa" by Jeannie Ewing (

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Here’s where The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar comes in. It was perfect timing for me to place this picturesque flip calendar on my desk at home where I do my prayers. (Truthfully, I rotate my prayer corner, but it remains in the same general room.) I love how Lisa thoughtfully selected inspirational quotes or verses for each day that would be timeless year after year, and she concluded it with a quick prayer I use to jump start my own spontaneous conversation with God.

I find Lisa’s writing to be very attuned to the cultural pulse in our modern milieu. This desk calendar is one of those refreshing pick-me-ups that can be incorporated into any busy mom’s schedule, no matter how harried and hectic it may be! What I love the most, though, is that it’s not necessarily a stand-alone item. I’ve often found that the quotes and prayers encourage me, strengthen me, and inspire me to further reflect throughout my day. Plus, as often as I pass my desk, I glance at it to be reminded of the day’s message. This keeps me focused when I am about to lose my mind with three little girls!

I find The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar to be something we all need as women. We are starved for a sense of belonging, which can only be fulfilled through our sacred and solitary time with the Lord. It’s true that prayer is the cure for such loneliness, and the desk calendar is now among one of a few treasured items I use to spend that time with God prudently.

"First Mondays with Lisa" by Jeannie Ewing (

Background image courtesy of Word Among Us Press. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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The Catholic Mom's Desk Calendar by Lisa Hendey


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  1. I love my calendar too. I must confess I’ve been a Lisa groupie for a long time.
    She knows what moms need . Thanks for your refreshing perspective.

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