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I’m the kind of person who, when she finds a piece of clothing she really likes, runs out to buy another one just like it. This is true for basic pieces, mind you, not every item of clothing I own. But most of my favorite work trousers, comfortable, low-maintenance sweaters and even soft, warm pajamas have twins in my closet.

The same is true for organizing tools. I have a stack of accordion folders, purchased when they were in the dollar bins at Target. I just ordered another set of file bins with open tops to use in our family room and, although I have a drawer full of manila, patterned, and colored file folders, I just added a box of colored file folders to my shopping list. I need enough in each color to effectively color-code the files that I’ll be moving into the new bins.

I am not suggesting that you go out and buy everything in triplicate. Often, however, it’s a good idea to stock up on basic organizational tools that have been proven to work for you, especially those that help to keep paper clutter under control. Amid my go-to tools, I have a number of unique items that add a different sort of style to my workspace, but when it comes time to whip a space into order, I like to know that the tools I depend on are at my fingertips.

Accordion folders, file folders in colors and prints (along with a stash of the basic manila variety) and any storage container I can peer into top my list of favorites. What’s on your list?

Copyright 2017 Lisa Hess


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