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One night as the first week of Advent came to a close, three of my brother priests and I met in our chapel to pray the Compline for Advent. Following this we began discussing a small book by Myles Connolly released in 1928 called “Mr. Blue.”

A little background on Myles Connolly; he moved from Boston to Hollywood and became a major influence on the great film director Frank Capra, director of one of the Christmas season’s perennial popular films, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Here is a quote from “Mr. Blue” about the power and beauty of film as an art form of our age:

“If you want to reach the masses you can reach them through pictures. These new children can be bent and molded as they sit in the dark enrapt before the magic of the mobile screen. There in the dark they can be lifted out of their daily servitude. There they can be raised high above their stone and steel environment. There they can be brought to the high places and shown the deeps beyond the high horizon. There they can be taught to be superior to the great magnificent monsters that are their creations. There they can be taught to love this terrible new civilization, because there they can be taught to look upon it as their child and not as their master. Here then is a mission for any agency. Here is a destiny for an art second to none in history. For it is given to the motion picture to save the soul of a civilization.”

It truly was a beautiful evening of conversation and prayer in preparation for Christmas.

Advent is a time of great hope, joy and expectation, a time of gratitude to God for coming among us in a manner that allows us to get to know him, at least partially. May this Good God continue to bless you and your loved ones with his peace and joy this holy season of Advent.

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