The Struggle is Embarrassingly So Real- Hallmark vs Advent

"The struggle is embarrassingly so real" by Stephanie Stovall (

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It’s Thanksgiving evening and the last slice of pie has been eaten, what does that mean?

It’s time for the warmest of seasons!

Christmas time is here!

Oh, I know that’s not theologically sound, but I just cannot help it!

Let’s go find our tree, peppermint mochas in hand and when we get home … Hallmark channel!

Turn it up, I need to hear it — all around!


Hallmark’s cheese is as oogey gooey and delicious as can be.

I know the whole story from the first preview I see!

Is it healthy for my soul? I sure think so.

But there is one problem, I just can’t say no!


It takes over my days and my nights and my God times, oh my!

But I can’t, I just can’t — oh, I can’t turn it off!

I want my Advent to be one that bears good fruit,

But with 33 new movies, what’s a girl to do?!

I open my Bible and I close my eyes tightly,

Oh please my sweet Jesus, can I leave the TV on,

Just quietly?


I’m a sinner and a hypocrite, waving my fist at Christmas’ commercialization,

Because every time D.J. finds her true love …

the secularization of the Incarnation leaves me with such elation!


So, dear readers, I beg you, please do me this favor.

Pray my attention the rest of this season is placed on our salvation!

But until the grace from your prayers arrives in my heart,

I will turn up the volume and be grateful for not just one,

but TWO channels of this soul warming art.

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Copyright Stephanie Stovall 2017


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