Daily Gospel Reflection for December 12, 2017 - Our Lady of Guadalupe


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:26-38 – Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today’s Gospel reading is Luke’s account of the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she is to be the mother of Jesus. We’re used to hearing this reading in March, at the celebration of the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. But right now we’re less than two hectic, overfilled weeks from Christmas. We don’t need anybody to tell us Jesus is coming! He’ll be here too soon.

Is it any wonder that our friends and neighbors are more interested in shopping and decorations, parties and sweets, than in thinking very much at all about the “reason for the season?” How many of us have looked at the Christmas Mass schedule and made a choice based on which one we could squeeze in?

I think it is no accident that Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Saint Juan Diego so close to Christmas. One of her purposes, of course, was the conversion of the native Mexican peoples, but in the far-reaching providence of God the opportunity for us to hear this Gospel during Advent might also have played a part. It is an opportunity for us to step back from the frantic pace our modern American culture encourages at this season, and remind ourselves that it’s not about the presents or the parties.

“You shall name him Jesus, and of his kingdom there will be no end.” This is good news no matter what time of year, and we have the opportunity to remind ourselves, and to share with others in our lives, the same message that Gabriel brought to Mary. On this feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, let us find in this Gospel encouragement to our own re-conversion, and inspiration to bring its message to the attention of those still in need of conversion.


Who in my life needs to hear the good news of Jesus and His kingdom?


Jesus, of Your kingdom there will be no end. Give me grace to choose the things that will make me fit to be a citizen of that kingdom.

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Ellen Thomas has been married to Roger for 35 years, and has 6 children, 5 children-in-law, and 15 grandchildren (as of the end of 2016.) She loves knitting, reading (mysteries and sci-fi are among her favorites), singing in the choir, and cooking lots of food for family and friends. She lives near a Great Lake in Michigan.

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