Daily Gospel Reflection for December 13, 2017 - St. Lucy


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 11:28-30 – St. Lucy

Christmas is only 12 days away. While this can be “the most wonderful time of the year,” we can also feel stressed about the to-dos that still need to get done.

As a mom, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make Christmas extra-special for my family. Am I purchasing the right gifts for my husband and children? Are they still within my budget? Have I baked a nice variety of cookies to share at the family party? Does everyone have something fancy to wear to Christmas Eve Mass?

Advent can feel like a whirlwind, but it’s supposed to remind us of what is calm and bright in our lives.

Today’s Gospel reading is Jesus’ invitation for us to hit the pause button on all of our Christmas to-dos.

“Come to Me. You are so weary with all that you are trying to do for Christmas. I am grateful that you care so much, but I care about you and want to give you peace.”

If the month of December is feeling overwhelming, perhaps today is a good time to re-evaluate our good intentions and consider what will bring peace, calm, and stillness into our hearts and homes.

Perhaps that “one more gift” can be left at the store. Maybe purchasing some cookies from the bakery can fill in our plate of treats for the party. This year, perhaps our children’s outfits don’t have to match perfectly.

Now, on this feast of St. Lucy, take some extra time to sit quietly and prayerfully. In honor of the saint of light, enjoy the twinkle of the Christmas lights, or if the tree isn’t decorated yet, light some candles and bask in their glow. Allow yourself to rest in the arms of Christ, just as He rested in the arms of Mary on that first Christmas.


What is one thing on your holiday to-do list that you can delete? What is one expectation that you’ve put on yourself that you can remove?


Lord Jesus, thank You for inviting me to take a break from the holiday busyness to find rest and peace in Your presence.

Copyright 2017 Sarah Damm

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Sarah Damm is a Catholic wife and mother of six children, living in Minnesota. She spends her days running errands, cooking meals and helping with homework. She and her husband Greg strive to weave the Catholic faith into their daily lives as well as into their family celebrations. Sarah blogs at sarahdamm.com. In addition to CatholicMom.com, she also is a contributor for WINE: Women in the New Evangelization.


  1. Thanks, Sarah. Perhaps tonight instead of doing something I think I have to do, my family and I can do something we enjoy. The feast of St Lucy is the perfect time to go see the lights around town and remember that Christ is the true light of the world.

    • Kelly, I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family, as you went around town to see the Christmas lights. May God continue to bless you this Advent, as you prepare the way for Him to come this Christmas.

  2. This was a wonderful reflection, Sarah. I too get caught up in the whir of the season and all the expectations of myself that go along with that. I am slowly learning how to let go of those expectations, but I am still a work in progress. But I did take your advice and found that one thing I can NOT do this year: tape all the Christmas cards we receive around the doorways. It’s something I simply don’t have time for, but that stack of cards with the tape and ribbon on top of them has been haunting me. So today, I’m placing the cards in a pretty basket and calling the task done. Thank you for that!

    • Claire, I wrote this so long ago, and when I re-read it on Wednesday, I so needed my own encouragement and advice! It is a process to learn how to let go, that is for sure! But I love the one thing you decided not to do this year: tape the Christmas cards around the doorways. I think I am going to follow your lead and NOT do that, too. I have just the basket to put our cards in 🙂 May the Lord continue to bless you this Advent, as you prepare your heart and home for Him!

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