How to Ruin Your Life


“Hmmm … I think I will wake up today and ruin my life.”–no one ever

Today, I am going to show you how to wake up tomorrow and ruin your life. Yes, the comfortable and often predictable life that we know it will be gone. The familiar will vanish into thin air like a ninja.

Are you ready?

  • Plan out your day when you wake up. What is required of you, and is this even realistic?
  • Enjoy your morning drink. How often do you inhale your morning beverage (coffee, tea, etc.) without stopping and enjoying the taste?
  • Send someone an encouraging voicemail or write them a card. Text messaging has become so common that we often forget how to actually connect with people.
  • Use the “L word” (Love) if you feel led to. People need to know that they are loved.
  • Hug some people.
  • Give a homeless person some food and socks = essential needs are met.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions and mistakes.
  • Create something: music, art, writing, crafts, sewing … something, anything!

The above-mentioned ideas really ruined your life, huh? I provided you with these ideas because they are things that we take for granted.

Food, shelter, affection, loved ones, our talents and skills … these things can fade away faster than we realize.

Our routines can make us comfortable and quite frankly — self-centered. We unconsciously believe that life centers around us and our needs. If you want to “ruin” your life, be open to having your faith strengthened and your heart changed. You will discover that you will find your world turned upside down for the better when you invite God into the familiar and comfortable.

“You can gain the whole world and yet lose your soul.” — Jesus

Copyright 2017  Jason Weirich


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Jason is the founder of Java and Jesus. He loves Jesus, coffee, his wife & two children. He enjoys helping people experience freedom in Christ. Java and Jesus is a resource and not meant to be a replacement for the fellowship & community that one experiences in a church. Blogs, podcasts, & spiritual direction are a few of the resources that are offered by Java and Jesus.

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