Time's Fullness


As I prayed about what to share with you all this month, my heart began to cry out in advent prayer and longing for the Lord’s coming. Rather than unpack ideas in another traditional post about the theological or liturgical significance or suggestions for this holy time, I wanted to invite you to a moment of prayer and contemplation through this Advent verse that surged up within me. I invite you to light a candle, diffuse your Christmas aromas, turn up some mellow chant and enter into this Advent prayer with me.

May this holy season release you from fear, anxiety and doubt. We are loved and we need to rest in Him — He alone can help us to “lighten up” and participate more fully in the joy of the moment.


O Lord! Many live as if time does not exist

A mere allusion that holds us captive

A torturing “matrix” in which we persist

The past haunts and the future an empty motive


Come, then, and arouse our non-existence

“In the fullness of time” to renew the moment

Where grace is won, open our hearts resistance

Forgotten mercy calls us from anxious life, so dormant


O Lord! In all directions fear is stimulated

Terror and hatred are now dreaded friends

So many thirst for carnage, want it simulated

War and terror, revenge and hatred become the trends


Stir up our darkened world of contradiction

With promise to shine upon us “in the shadow of death”

Raise us up even though we create our miserable condition

Ignore our plea of cold despair; grant true life’s breath


O Lord! Life seems to hold no meaning or certainty

Other than what each one wants to believe

“Be tolerant, relative, nothing is true absolutely”

“Injustice is right, sin is normal,” oh how these lies deceive


Be born anew in our lives with Truth to inflame

In our minds and hearts, awaken the living dead

Persist in your redeeming love, give us grace to call your name

Make us sons and daughters, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord,” instead


O Lord! We cling to our weaknesses as we fail

We think we are enough to see us through

Yet our heart’s dreams have lost their sail

As we offer our incense to every god but you


Make us babes enough to see your mystery

As you were poor, humble, hidden in your mother’s arms

Make us wise-men to know our need for thee

That we may come and adore you sheltered from our evil harms


O Lord! You came in time’s fullness

Now in the beauty of this Advent return

So we may seize this moment for holiness

Give us the light of truth so falsity may no longer burn


With hope rekindled in your coming

May our darkness flee with your light manifest

May we regain our strength and your blessing

That we may please you and proclaim “Glory to God in the Highest”

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Copyright Chantal Howard 2017


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Chantal is a wife and mother of five children. She is a national speaker and author of The School of the Family and The Family Rule. As an essential oil coach, she seeks to help families become healthy, holy and free. Visit Chantal-Howard.com to learn more.

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