"Angels" musical: Broadway bound?


As the mom of a young actor and musical-theatre buff, I was excited to preview the Original Studio Cast Recording of ANGELS The Musical. Now I want my son to have the chance to see the show.

In recent years, he’s seen musicals about the Founding Fathers, teen suicide and 9/11. He and his friends talk about the story lines, sing the songs, and dream of acting in shows like these. After listening to the cast recording several times, I’m intrigued by the story and would like to see my young thespian perform in it — or see it on Broadway.

It surprised me that the cast recording was released before the show opened on Broadway. Instead, the script and musical score have been released to schools, churches and community-theatre groups, according to an article in Sight Magazine.

Synopsis: ANGELS tells the epic story of the ancient war between the Angels and Lucifer’s fallen minions. This timeless tale of good versus evil, hope versus despair, angels versus demons, is told through the eyes of Sera, the Angel of Light. Though she is gifted with the power to control light, she aspires to a more heroic role. Lucifer opposes Sera, causing chaos for the Angels and the humans they protect. Sera must find the courage to rise in victory over Lucifer and fulfill her purpose.

“It is more than just an entertaining album,” said producer Mark Kang. “We believe listeners will feel the presence of God as they follow the angel Sera through this epic journey of good vs. evil and experience the hope that is found in living with faith.”

The music is amazing, covering a wide range of styles and emotions as the story sweeps through the battle of good against evil. There is much light/dark symbolism: one of my favorite songs was “Let There Be Light.” Others I particularly enjoyed were “One True Friend” (you’ll hear a bit of this one in the video below), “Where You Can Dream,” and “Peace” — because I can never resist counterpoint.

This video shows just a small sample of the beautifully-performed music in ANGELS.


Hearing the music definitely made me want to see the musical — I hope it will come to Broadway soon, but if not, I love that it’s available for schools and community theatres.

ANGELS Original Studio Cast Recording is available at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.


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