Daily Gospel Reflection for December 15, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 11:16-19

Have you ever been yelled at for doing exactly what the person asked you to do? If you are a mom, the answer is yes, you have – especially if you’ve had a toddler or two. But seriously – have you ever dealt with someone you just could NEVER please?

In today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus’ frustration with how people behave towards one another and how they perceive and speak about both Himself and John the Baptist. More than that, we learn that if we do not raise our children in Faith, they will be a generation of people who don’t follow Christ.

The people of that age are erratic and indecisive – they say because John the Baptist is too quiet, doesn’t drink and eats minimally, he must have mental issues. Enter Jesus, our Lord, Who eats, drinks and bonds with many types of people, so they call Him a glutton and other names. Essentially, after they get what they want, they change their minds and want something else. They ignore The Truth even when He is standing before them.

Jesus tells us a story about children who do not cooperate with one another and are never pleased with anything or anyone. They complain all the time. The people of the time, the generation He is comparing, is raising their children to be just like them – fickle, indecisive, and enemies of the Gospel.

I am not a theologian, but I believe Jesus is asking us to look within ourselves, our families, and our parishes, and put ourselves in this story. The last line of this passage is, “Yet Wisdom is justified by her deeds.” He is talking about teaching our children the truth of our Faith so that they can be wise, follow Jesus, and do justice to our faith. Let’s be wise, in Him.


We must read God’s word, go to confession and Mass, and discern His plans for our lives. We cannot continue to miss everything He is telling us and complain because He isn’t guiding us. We have to listen and learn. We will not be wise enough to follow Him if we don’t.


Teach me to hear You, O Lord. Teach me to hear and listen and follow Your direction, always.

Copyright 2017 Emily Davis

Emily Davis is a Catholic convert. Homeschool mom. Grandmother. Religious Ed Teacher. Paper Crafter. She Lives in Fort Worth with her family. She writes about faith, life, finances, homeschooling and crafting on her blog at http://davishomemarysmantle.blogspot.com

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