Daily Gospel Reflection for December 19, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:5-25

God’s timing is definitely not our own, and yet, as we have experienced time and again in scripture and in real life, it seems to always be perfect. Imagine Zechariah’s surprise in today’s gospel, when, after many years of prayer and then presumably abandoning his petition because of old age, the angel Gabriel suddenly appears to inform him that his wife, Elizabeth, will finally bear him a son – the answer he has been asking for. I do believe that most of us in the same position would react in a similarly disbelieving manner – if not outright telling the angel that he was nuts! Yet, this is how God works; He knows what is best for us and the time in our life when it will make the most sense in His plan.

However, I don’t think many of us have been literally struck dumb because of our disbelief in God’s goodness to us…or have we? While it may not appear as overtly as it did to the father of John the Baptist, all of us have probably experienced a season of “losing” our voice or footing after not trusting that God would come through for us. Like Zechariah, we can seem to be doing all the right things ritually, but yet not be truly connected to God spiritually. Especially at a time when so many gadgets and screen compete for our time and attention, we need to strive to keep our eyes fixed on the One who knows what’s best for us, no matter what season of our life we find ourselves in. Nothing is impossible with God – we just need to listen, believe, and then follow the path set before us, which will always and ultimately lead us to Him.


How do you know the voice of God when you hear it?


Lord, like Zechariah and Elizabeth, may we be ready and receptive to do Your will no matter when You make it known to us.

Copyright 2017 Joanne Mercier

Joanne Mercier currently serves as a Pastoral Associate for the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative in the Archdiocese of Boston. Married for 34 years to her husband, Kevin, she is an avid baseball fan (Red Sox, of course), a genealogy enthusiast, a self-proclaimed gadget queen and host/moderator of the Monday Morning Catholic podcast. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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