Daily Gospel Reflection for December 20, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:26-38

This particular gospel reading today resonates with me on a very personal level. Seeing how calm and collected Mary was when an angel appeared to her, announced she was pregnant, and that God was the father, always baffled me. How could this girl seem so calm? Perhaps she knew something in her heart from the very beginning. Perhaps, from her birth, she sensed something different about herself and when this angel appeared, it was just as it had seemed when she was younger, so she was ready. My relation to this is more with Elizabeth these days. Two years ago next month, I gave birth to my seventh baby (my 11th pregnancy). I was overjoyed at her birth, but nine months prior, I was anything buy joyful. I was shocked, overwhelmed, and felt too old. I found that by reflecting on the angel Gabriel’s words, that ‘nothing will be impossible for God,’ that I was able to come to terms with this beautiful gift and realize that God was in control. As always.


How have you reacted to surprises that may or may not have been planned by you, but perhaps, were divinely inspired?


Lord Jesus, help us to be more like Mary when God calls upon us for tasks that seem to daunting to complete. Help us to see how nothing is impossible with Him.

Copyright 2017 Amy Blair

Wife to Ricky, mom to Grace, Jackson, Emily, Gianna, Mary, Chiara, and Lucia. Catholic faith is the source and summit of our lives. We live in the north for now, but hope to return to our southern roots one day soon. Love to be outdoors, reading, and blogging.

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