Daily Gospel Reflection for December 22, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:46-56

Today in the Gospel we hear the Canticle of Mary, also known as the Magnificat. It’s prayed every evening as a part of Vespers, and it’s easy to see why it’s so important. Mary’s praise of the Lord is what we should aspire to offer as His servants: unashamed humility, joyful thanksgiving, and complete awe at the power of God.

These are things many of us would agree we felt when we first held our children in our arms. Four years ago today, I gave birth to a little boy. His first Mass was Christmas Eve. People asked me what I was doing at church with a two-day-old baby, but I knew there was nowhere else in the world I wanted to be (provided I had something soft to sit on).

Holding a brand new baby boy in the presence of God on the altar in the Eucharist was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I couldn’t help thinking, “Mary, I get it. I really get it now.” My son is not God, but the love of God is reflected in him. It is in all of us, if we only allow it to shine through. We are all His children, and He loves us so, so very much, more than a human parent could ever love her child.

That’s what this time of year is about celebrating. It’s about God looking into our faces and loving us so completely that He gave us the opportunity to look back at Him through the eyes of Christ.


Revisit the Magnificat today, and choose a phrase that speaks to you. Carry this through your day and each of the remaining days until we celebrate the Nativity of the Lord.


God, You are good, You are great! Help me to love You as Mary did in her “Fiat” and in her complete devotion to the precious Christ Child.

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel

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