Daily Gospel Reflection for December 24, 2017 - 4th Sunday of Advent


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:26-38 – 4th Sunday of Advent

“Man’s limitations are always God’s port of entry.” – Gertrude von le Fort

“How can this be?” How often do we ask this question in our dialogue with God? But the truth is that when we bump up against a trial, a limitation, a situation for which we have no answer, an opening is created for God to act. At that moment, we are invited to simply surrender to God, and let Him move as He wills.

This is what Mary’s life teaches us, and it’s a vital lesson to learn. The Mother of the Savior doesn’t wring her hands trying to figure out a solution when the angel announces that she will conceive the God-man in her virginal womb, nor does she doubt that God can accomplish the magnificent plans the angel has announced. She simply says, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). And in her acquiescence, God enters.

Sometimes, it is counterintuitive and countercultural—but absolutely necessary—that we simply surrender to God. While the world tells us to “man up”, “muscle up”, and “suck it up” in the face of a challenge that is bigger than us, Mary’s words give rise to the miracle in the making: “Let it be done to me.” Mary’s life demonstrates that it is not assertion, but assent, that moves mountains. Trusting God and yielding in acceptance can be the one thing necessary that permits miracles to occur; whereas grasping for our will to be done inhibits grace.


How hard is it for me to pray “Thy will be done” in the face of a serious challenge? Is there a person or a situation that I need to surrender to God today?


Father, give me the grace to surrender myself, and everything in my life, to You. Help me to pray at all times as Jesus and Mary did: Thy will be done.

Copyright 2017 Judy Klein

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