Daily Gospel Reflection for December 25, 2017 - Christmas Day


Today’s Gospel: John 1:1-18 – Christmas Day (Mass during the Day)

A baby boy, born of a virgin, changed everything. For centuries, even longer, the Jews had awaited the prophesied savior, the Messiah, the Anointed One of God. And, finally, in the stillness of a cave in Bethlehem, he came. But he was not what the Jews were expecting. They expected a warrior-king, a fierce man who would restore the kingdom of Israel and put to flight their enemies, the Romans.

Instead, the Jews were given a baby boy. And, as St. John the Evangelist tells us, “He came to his own, but they received him not” (cf. John 1:11). Born in a stable, among the animals, He caused the angels to burst forth in song to the shepherds with “good news of great joy.” A savior has been born to us who is both Christ and Lord.

But do you recognize the time of your visitation? Do you see that God has indeed come to save you? I confess that too often I am blind. I forget. And no angels appear to me announcing the “good news of great joy.” Instead, I am worried about how my wife and I are doing raising our kids. I worry about what those good people in that parish ministry think of me. I worry about whether or not I am good enough…at home, at work, among my friends, even standing before God.

Too easily I forget the “good news of great joy.” A savior has been born to me. He is both Christ and Lord. He has taken my sin and my not-good-enough-ness onto his own shoulders. From crib to cross, Jesus was all about loving and saving me. And you. Today let’s open our hearts to the baby boy who changed everything.


Do you hold on to the ways that you believe you are not good enough for God? Today let Jesus, the God-Man who comes to us as a helpless baby, be the bridge between you and God.


Jesus, meek and humble of heart, please take my heart and make it like Yours. Grant that I might be more concerned with the amazing love You shower on me than on the ways I feel that I am not good enough in this life. Jesus, I trust in You!

Copyright 2017 Jeff Young

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