Daily Gospel Reflection for December 27, 2017 - St. John


Today’s Gospel: John 20:1A AND 2-8 – St. John

Mary Magdalene gets up early, before it is light, and walks to the tomb of her Lord. He was never supposed to die—He was her savior. But somehow, two days ago, He was crucified, and His body is now resting in this cave. She still can’t believe how this has ended. She goes to mourn, to try to understand, to honor Him.

And when she arrives…panic! The stone is rolled away and His body is not there! Who has taken Him and what have they done with His body? She runs back to John and Simon Peter to tell them and share her distress. They rush to the tomb, and find only the linen cloths in which His body was wrapped. Such confusion…just when they think it can’t get worse, his body is gone too. And they go home, ”for as yet they did not know the Scripture that he must rise from the dead” (John 20:9).

When all appears lost, when it is worse than you ever thought it could be, when you are in the pit of despair and confusion, guess what? The story isn’t over yet. God is still at work, bringing about transformation, resurrection, forgiveness, healing, beyond what the world can do, and beyond human understanding.


How do you respond to God during times of confusion or struggle? Can you remember a time when He pulled you through difficulty and brought you to a new place in His presence?


Lord Jesus, I am grateful that You know and control the greater plan. Help me to lean on You during the hard times; please carry me through in Your arms.

Copyright 2017 Ashleigh Payne

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