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I looked forward to saying goodbye to 2017. God was good and gave me many blessings, however hardships were ever-present the last three months of the year, which to me seemed like an eternity.

My son has been struggling with anxiety and depression and suffered a crisis. I knew then and know now that God did not leave my side for a moment. “God is good all the time!” is what I would say to myself over and over as things seemed to get worse very fast, instead of better.

I know that God did not want my son to hurt or suffer and I know that its because of his great love, unconditional love, that my son and I are at a much better place now. Through that horrible time, I felt like I was in a maze. Trying to find my way out but not seeing anything clearly and ending up in the same painful place.

The only thing that was clear was that I needed to stay as close to my God as possible. Going to Mass, receiving the Eucharist, going to Adoration every chance I got, praying chaplets to Our Lady and the saints, and asking friends and anyone who asked to please pray for my son and for me. I also met with Father to get some insight and guidance.

I truly believe that God and prayer are the reason that things are so much better now. He has sent people to us, his angels on Earth, to lend us support and wisdom. We are now on a journey to recovery and better days where new memories will be made, God willing.

So my hope is that my story will help you remember that whatever your challenges are God never leaves you, even if you feel there is no way out.

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Elizabeth Estrada, a public school teacher, is an avid reader and enjoys crafting. She serves as a Catechist and resides in the Diocese of Dallas with her son Agustin.


  1. Thank you for sharing our story. It is a very helpful reminder. In scenarios like this as a mom, I often ask for the intercession of St. Monica. I am glad that your faith was strong through this phase of your life and that you are feeling some relief now.

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