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I am a grown woman. I’m able to stop playing most games any time I want to. And yet, when it comes to the Wooden Block Puzzle app I downloaded last month, that is not the case.

Remember Tetris? Yeah, me too. This game has the same premise — fit the pieces together, complete a column or a row and it disappears, creating space to start all over again. In this game, though, the pieces don’t drop. Rather, three pieces appear at a time and your task is to fit them together as strategically as possible. The game ends when there is no space left for one (or more) of the pieces that appear.

"Tech talk: a game I can't stop playing" by Lisa Hess (

Screen shot by Lisa Hess. All rights reserved.

There’s a certain amount of logic and skill involved, but also a fair amount of chance. Players can develop a strategy for fitting the pieces together adeptly, but the combination of pieces and the order in which they appear varies with each game, making it possible to be really good at building only to get stymied when three large or awkward pieces appear in the same turn and there is no place to put them.

The game offers a tutorial — in fact, the offer pops up multiple times — but I found it more fun to work it out myself. Then again, maybe I’d get a higher score if I watched the tutorial.

"Tech talk: a game I can't stop playing" by Lisa Hess (

Screen shot by Lisa Hess. All rights reserved.

The app is free and highly addictive (that’s not just my opinion, but also the opinion of many of the players who posted on the app’s site). “Free” is relative, however; after each game (whether you score 50 points or 500) an ad appears before you can load the next game.

Take my advice. Use the ads as an escape. Otherwise, you might be there all night trying to beat your high score.

The Wooden Block Puzzle game is available only for iOS devices.

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