CM Hangout: The Ash Wednesday/Valentine's Day Dilemma


Here’s a calendar situation that will require a little advance planning: this year Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday! In our CM Hangout on Facebook, we talked about ways to celebrate both of these, plus Mardi Gras and World Marriage Day, all of which fall in the same week. What are your plans for living the liturgical year this February with your family? How will you handle this calendar challenge?

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    • That’s always a factor I need to consider. Imposing sacrifices works when your kids are young, but once they are older they want to be (and SHOULD be) more involved in selecting the sacrifice that works best for them. That’s why, for me, sacrifices involving the whole family’s meals don’t work anymore. The dinner menus are always on me, and Meatless Fridays will be simpler fare than we enjoy at other times of year, but I’m not going to, say, only offer oatmeal for breakfast for the whole 40 days.

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