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"Broken & Beautiful movie" (

Copyright 2018 Erin R. Dooley. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

D.A.S.H. Entertainment announces the release of Broken & Beautiful, an award-winning Christian musical film written and directed by Erin R. Dooley (A Way to Forgiveness). Set for release in select markets in the United States in February, 2018, Broken & Beautiful uses the music of popular contemporary Christian artists to tell the story.

Broken & Beautiful is set in All Saints Church, a congregation whose members are as disordered as they are diverse, beginning with their pastor. Pastor Thomas (Devon Moon) is young and despite his best efforts, feels like a failure in his new vocation. Young couple Urmila (Annelyse Ahmad) and Lino (Danish Alidino) are struggling to make ends meet and are threatened with eviction and growing distant from each other.

Greg (Jackson Brunsting) hates begin a middle manager and brings his frustrations home to his wife Margie (Mary K. Nigohosian) and children Louis (David Heine) and Zoe (Bianca Rose). To deal with his place in life, he holes up in his home office avoiding his family.

Angelo (Peter Sipla) is a busy executive who travels extensively. He is content in his lavish life until a trip to India opens his eyes. His wife, Lulu (Ann Morton), is home alone, filling her days with shopping. When confronted with lifestyle changes Angelo proposes, she is pushed to make a confession about her past.

Long-time friends Charles (Timothy Cross) and Desiree (Felecia Thompson) have both lost their spouses. To cheer him up, Desiree takes Charles out dancing and introduces him to her friend Ron (John McDonnell). This new friendship challenges Charles’s faith.

New to the church is Jenna (Julie Hurt), a woman fleeing from her past. Even as she is hesitant to trust anyone, Javier (Martin LaGrande), a meek and socially awkward man, breaks down her barriers and the two become  friends. Javier shows her support when her troubled past comes back to haunt her.

As members of the congregation deal with their own struggles, they confront each other about their transgressions. Through music of contemporary Christian artists, dark secrets are exposed. They face judgment and hypocrisy to try and find forgiveness and unconditional love.

“I am releasing the movie during Lent, since it focuses on people of faith going through struggles and how they can turn back to God,” says Dooley. “We can all relate to that. Maybe we don’t sing about our troubles like the characters do, but we can all relate to pointing out the speck in another’s eye while being oblivious to the log in our own eye.”

The film is available on DVD or to rent online on February 14. Beginning February 15, Dooley will tour with the film to 10 select cities for one-night-only screenings. The film will play in: Pasadena, CA, Santa Ana, CA, Dallas, TX, Naples, FL, Memphis, TN, Franklin, TN, Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC, Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA.

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"Broken & Beautiful movie" (

Copyright 2018 Erin R. Dooley. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Copyright 2018 Erin R. Dooley

About the author: Erin R. Dooley is an award-winning screenwriter and producer. While she doesn’t exclusively write and produce faith-based material, many of the stories she tells stem from her Catholic faith. “Broken & Beautiful” was her directorial debut. Her projects are available online at


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