CM Hangout: Get Rid of the Winter Blahs


February is the shortest month, but doesn’t it feel like the longest? Today in our CM Hangout, we’re talking about ways we can break out of the winter blahs during this time of year that tends to be dark and boring. We’re offering some ways to shake things up and change your mood. Tell us what works for you!

Here’s the link to the article I mentioned during the Hangout:

Winter Workout Motivation

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  1. Ellen Mongan on

    Dear Danielle,
    I have heard your podcasts and appreciate all you do to build family and marriage. A network of caring friends to support you, a daily prayer partner to lift up intentions together on the phone and a weekly date night with your mate is my advice to chase away the blues. If that does not boast your spirits than do what we girlfriends do best a Get-Away-Gals Retreat at the beach. It is always a wave of one good time. You will come back with a skip in your step and a heart set on Jesus.

    • Thank you, Ellen! These are all great ideas. A beach get-away sounds about perfect right now! 🙂

  2. Baking! I love the way fresh baked cinnamon rolls make the house smell. And the oven warms the home while we’re keeping the thermostat low.

    Kids love helping with the dough. My mom would give us our own “tortilla-sized” piece and we would knead it to death. Then we got to bake it and eat what we made. A little pan made it special.

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