Small Success: A Litany of Gratitude


What are the blessings of this week in your life? Your spouse? Your children? Your parents? Your job? Your home? Your health? Your everything up until now? Each of us has over 1,000 blessings we could stop and say “thank you” to God for if we chose to begin counting and one has to wonder how often we even get as far as ten.

Small Success Thursday is about counting your blessings and discovering they are beyond number, but they are also so sufficient in abundance, we need to stop and say, “Thank you.”

So I challenge each of you who read SST to consider putting the timer on for five minutes, and in those five minutes, list each thing you think of, for which you wish to say, “Thank God.” Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.

For my faith.
For my family.
For my home.
For the freedoms in this country.
For my parish.
For my friends.
For my health.
For my children.
For my education.
For my job.
For my colleagues.
For my students.

For my home.
For my neighbors.
For my pastor.
For my talents.
For my children’s talents.
For being in this time and space.
For being part of this faith.
For all the people who gave me the benefit of the doubt.
For all those who pulled for me when I’ve been sick.
For all those who helped me when I didn’t want to do what I needed to do.
For those who laugh at my jokes.
For those who tell me the truth.

For all the people who taught me.

For all the people who encouraged me.
for all who witnessed their faith to me.
For the Blessed Mother.
For all the saints who take my prayers to Jesus.
For all the answered prayers I know of, and for all the answered prayers I don’t.
For the Holy Spirit, who I’ve always considered my close friend.
For all the graces I’ve ever received.
For all the sacraments.
For all the beauty I get to see every day.
For all I get to experience every day.
For all that is luminous.
For all that is glorious.
For all that is sorrowful.
and for all that is joyful.
For the deep peace of prayer.
For the joys of being alive and knowing, this is not the end, and this is not even the beginning of all.
For everything.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for all of my life, for all of life.
Now it’s your turn.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

Copyright 2018 Sherry Antonetti


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