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In this CM Hangout, we’re talking about meal planning! Are you a super-planner, or do you wing it most nights? What works for you and your family?

What are your favorite meal-planning strategies?

I keep a Google doc on my phone, with a list of recipes my family enjoys. I also have a folder in Gmail that’s just for recipes, and those are easy to find when I’m in the store.

When my sister and I were struggling with meal planning a few years ago, we decided to split the week. We each planned 3 meals, then shared the plans with each other, and our families ate the same meals. It was an opportunity to share the burden of the meal planning and a way to try new recipes too.

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Barb’s recipe blog: Cook and Count

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  1. Jackie Stutmann on

    I never did think of meal planning as a gift to myself. If I could, I would hire someone to cook for us. I dislike being a Martha caring about so many details, I would rather keep it simple, being Mary and spending the time actually sitting at the table with my family. I know it is necessary, my frustration comes in with trying to balance and please everyone at the same time, (accommodating so many different likes and dislikes feels like I have to be a short order cook). I like as many cooking pages on facebook as I can, which have visual recipe videos that go through step by step how to make it. I am not one that likes recipes with a lot of ingredients. Five or less ingredient recipes are my favorites.

  2. At least I know I’m not alone! When I plan, life is much smoother. Yet I dread planning meals. And grocery shopping. The only bright spot is that now I have a couple of kids old enough to whom I can say, “Hey, would you make some [instant] mashed potatoes?”

    I really should pay more attention to sales and coupons because we need to keep costs low, but I can’t seem to get it all together in a timely way.

    I guess I have a couple more decades, at least, to get it right! God willing.

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