Inspiration for the End of Lent: It's Never Too Late

"Inspiration by the end of Lent" by Sheena Lukose (

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I hope you all are having an amazing Lent this year. I hope as you are focusing on your relationship with Christ and working on detachment, you are feeling closer to our Lord in a special way.

This Lent, I gave up all social media. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest and I went as far as not reading any articles from my email! I am not one to post much on any of these platforms; however, I am constantly enticed by articles! I read article after article, all about great things like parenting and prayer life, but it definitely takes a toll on my daily life. More times than not it distracts me from doing what I need to be doing at the present moment, such as focusing on the kids or doing work around the house or praying.

This social media fast has been so great for me. I’m definitely more productive and more focused on my bigger priorities. I am not interrupted by constant notifications and life is more peaceful.

How is Lent going for you?

Are you taking the time to really develop your relationship with Jesus?

Are you just super-busy and consumed by trying to get through everything you need to get done for the day?

I totally hear you if that’s the case! It takes a lot of willpower to actually live Lent! But that is the whole point of it, I think – to intentionally devote time to develop your relationship with Christ even though it’s not easy. The harder it is, the more loving it is.

It’s a way to remind ourselves of our purpose in life and to keep our eye on the ball when there are so many things in our lives that distract us from what matters most.

So if you have not been intentional this Lent, it is never too late to start! It’s definitely worth all the effort.

If you need some motivation, the video series “What Mary Wants from You” is really great! The speaker is relatable and engaging and shares an encouraging message that we all need to hear. Listen to Part 1 and then Part 2.

God bless!

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