Novena for the Sanctification of Modern Media: Day Seven


Novena for the Sanctification of Modern Media: Day


We join together for our seventh day of prayer for a renewal of virtue in American media focusing on book authors, publishers, and readers.

March 23: Prayer for God to infuse virtue into the hearts of all who create and consume published books and e-books.

Heavenly Father, infuse virtue into the hearts of all who create and consume published books and e-books. Help us to be inspired and guided by Sacred Scripture.

Dear Blessed Mother Mary, we ask you to pray with us for the writers and publishers creating stories and literature that are the basis of every book, movie, video game, or other media. We pray that they will exercise the virtues of patience, fortitude, prudence, cooperation, and self-discipline in creating works whose honesty and excellence is also pleasing to God. We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide each consumer’s decisions to seek out more and more reading and entertainment that portrays and inspires virtue.

Pray the fifth decade of the Joyful Mysteries: The Finding in the Temple                                            

One Our Father and ten Hail Marys

Picture Mary and Joseph finding Jesus in the Temple after searching for three days. Jesus is the word made flesh. He is TRUTH. This scene reminds you that sometimes the search for truth is difficult and frustrating. But seeking and finding storytelling and literature that is an honest and rich depiction of truth, we can share the Joy of the Holy Family at finding Jesus. Imagine them bringing their teenage son home and settling into the hidden and ordinary virtuous living that prepared them for the time when He’d be gone for three days again. Our ordinary virtuous living strengthens us for the harder times too.

Thanks for joining us in these nine days of prayer together. (Or at least as many days as you can!) I gratefully, humbly ask you to also include Virtue Works Media with your intentions in each of these daily prayers. Let’s start today and take the inspiration and strength we receive through these prayers to communicate a joyful desire to create and consume virtue in media and entertainment in our little circle of life. God is the original creative artist; working with him we can have confidence that it is possible to overcome evil with good and renew the face of the earth, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and beyond.

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Cathy Gilmore is an award-winning author, educator, and founder of Virtue Works Media Ministry, which is pioneering the Virtue Literacy Project, an innovative approach to family virtue formation. Support this non-profit organization's effort to build the only online virtue-based search engine for reading, media, and entertainment, to help parents, grandparents, and teachers to protect and strengthen the souls of children and teens with the power of virtue through reading and media. Follow Cathy on Twitter @PowerofParable.

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