Catholic Momcast with Chris Meehan, Star of The Dating Project


Does anyone even “date” anymore? Not really. And what does that sad fact mean for young people, their relationships, and the future of the Church and our families today?

In this week’s episode of the Catholic Momcast (click play above or subscribe in iTunes!), Danielle Bean chats with Chris Meehan, star of The Dating Project, an upcoming documentary that looks at the state of male/female relationships in the age of hook-ups and casual sex.

Please note that this episode contains discussion of mature topics, like sex and pornography, from a CatholicMom perspective.

Also, check out our exclusive CatholicMom Q&A with Chris’ mom, Valerie Meehan, who makes an appearance in The Dating Project. Valerie shares about parenting grown children, the state of dating today as it differs from previous generations, and her thoughts on the power of a praying mom. Check it out!

Below is the official trailer for The Dating Project, and please go here to purchase tickets for its April 17 release!


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Danielle Bean is brand manager at CatholicMom. She and her husband Dan have 8 children and live in New Hampshire.

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  1. The guest recites all the standard talking points about the supposed demise of dating and masculinity. “Women want to be pursued but men won’t step up.” Of course CatholicMoms love to hear this stuff, but unfortunately it’s just not true.

    Your parishes have plenty of single Catholics who know the faith and rejected the “hook up culture”. But in today’s Church, singles lurk at the fringes of parish life, cannot identify each other, and no one nudges them together. The few Church marriages that happen today – perhaps 10% of the marriages of 30 or 40 years ago – are largely accidental.

    The host imagines that the problem is limited to “teens, college-age, and young adults”. Ask your parish or diocesan office how many single adults you have over 30, 40, or 50. I think you’d be very surprised. We don’t want lectures or movies telling us how to date, and we sure don’t want the cesspool of online dating. We want events where we can meet and get to know other Catholic singles. Or to meet the folks who know other Catholic singles. It’s really just that simple. We know how to date, we have NO way to find the candidates.

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