Daily Gospel Reflection for April 16, 2018


Today’s Gospel: John 6:22-29

To what lengths will we go seeking comfort? Seeking the fulfillment of our material needs and desires?

In today’s Gospel reading, having learned that Jesus fed five thousand men, crowds pursue Him over water and land. Upon discovery, Jesus immediately calls the followers out, recognizing their desire to be fed by bread alone. They’ve sought the fulfillment of their earthly needs and desires, ignoring the nourishment their souls require.

Jesus’s message to them is simple, instructing them to “believe in the one He [God] sent.”

And yet, we know that belief in Jesus requires so much more from us than the words, “I believe.” Whereas the works of man can be simply accomplished by providing food, shelter and every bodily necessity, the works of God compel us to act on our beliefs, permeating every aspect our life. Our belief means we must live in accordance with the Ten Commandments, accept God’s will over our own, and embrace suffering as a means to sanctification.


What simple sacrifice can I choose today to discipline my body and seek instead the fulfillment that only comes from Christ?


God, help me to seek the nourishment of my soul and the souls of those dearest to me above the nourishment of my body and the fulfillment of my temporal needs.

Copyright 2018 Carolyn Astfalk

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