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About three years ago, I wrote about how excited I was about wearing a veil to Mass. This excitement came after my son made his First Communion. I really wanted him to understand the great mystery of the presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

I continued to wear it for a good while, but then I stopped. To be honest, I am not sure exactly when it happened, but it did. I remember my son asking me why I  didn’t wear a veil to Mass anymore, and I just said, “I don’t know.” I didn’t veil for over a year, or maybe more.

Of course, now, I think I may have an answer to his question. These last two years have been especially hard for my son and me. We have gone through many challenges since I became a single parent. God has been with us every step of the way, of that I am sure.

There have been times when I can’t let go of my anxiety of what may or may not happen in a given situation, so it’s hard for me to allow Him to do what he needs to in my life. Adoration is my anchor, what keeps me sane because I rest in Him. It gives me the strength to do whatever it is He needs me to do on a daily basis. So I know he is there waiting for me, for all of us.

As a result of these visits with the Lord, I began wearing my veil to Adoration, then Mass, and I have been wearing it since about January of this year. I remember when I began veiling, the first time, I worried about getting attention and what other people at Mass would think, so it was difficult.

This time, I am at peace when I wear the veil, maybe because my focus is on Him and not the veil. Perhaps, it’s because my relationship with Our Lord is so much stronger now and I have grown to know him better during my visits.

Have you considered wearing a veil to Mass? Tell us about your veiling journey.

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Elizabeth Estrada, a public school teacher, is an avid reader and enjoys crafting. She serves as a Catechist and resides in the Diocese of Dallas with her son Agustin.


  1. Thanks for your honesty and solution to your veiling. I felt the call to veil a few years ago, but even though I made my own mantilla, bought a veil, and had another veil, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear one of them. This until the first day of advent, a lady that we always sit near appeared in a black veil one Sunday. I. WAS. EXCITED!! Nearly couldn’t concentrate on the prayers for hoping to speak to her after Mass. She said she was called to veil and that the first day of the new liturgical year was the perfect time for her to start. Well, I told her about my calling and said I’ll see you next Sunday in my own veil!! Sure enough, we both sat near each other for then ext few Masses…then during Lent we discovered another lady veiling across the Church from us, and my husband noticed another young mother with a veil on in the back. Both these ladies veil even when up at the altar serving as Eucharistic Ministers, I was chicken and didn’t veil when we played handbells for Mass the other Sunday. Now I feel bad that I didn’t….I need to veil and be brave….it’s hard. Our parish is pretty modern-thinking for the most part, so I am not sure how many more will start veiling to make it less uncomfortable……for me. Crazy, I know. Kudos to you!!

    • I appreciate you reading about my journey and sharing your wonderful story. You are right it’s hard but I
      am glad we are embracing the veil. I might gather the courage to chat with some of the ladies I encounter in a veil!

  2. Elizabeth,

    I haven’t ever worn a veil and it is still a relatively new concept to me as I did not see anyone wear a veil until about 3-4 years ago and it was just one family who was at our parish at the time. Since then I have been noticing them more and more. I would say that I have some curiosity but not yet a solid foundation in the background.

    One of the things I love about your post is the concept of beginning a practice, having it slip away but then feeling called back to it with an even stronger conviction. I can connect to that with other aspects of faith, such as Adoration or reading daily Scriptures.

  3. I heard my call to veil about a year ago. After resisting for a while, I started wearing my veil last August. Before I started, I asked the priest from my Parish if he would have any objection. He said there was no problem. I also checked with my confessor and he said it is a great thing to do. Since I attend mass daily, the first day I thought everybody would ask me about it, as we all know each other. But NO one asked about it!! I wear it at different Parishes and just one day a woman asked about it, telling that she was ashamed to use the veil there, she wore only in her community, but since she saw me, she said she would wear it there too. My only problem is my husband. He doesn´t like that I wear the veil. He claims he can´t “see” me during mass. Although I have explained to him that he should only look at the altar, I couldn´t convince him. So I wear my veil only when he is not with me at mass. I wear it at adoration too. And my daughter (13 years old) asked me to by a veil for her too! So eventualy we both wear the veil together. Usually I´m alone wearing it, but I don´t feel unconfortable anymore.

  4. That’s a beautiful story, you are evangelizing others and encouraging them to wear the veil for our Lord. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amanda I appreciate your kind words. I am thankful for your story as well. I am happy to be able to know your about your journey.

  6. I love to see women wear veils to Mass. I see only their devotion to Jesus. I don’t wear one, but my daughter sometimes does. Thank you for the post.

  7. Thank you for sharing and it is wonderful that your daughter wears one at times. You were very kind to read my post.

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