From Fr. Willy: A Favorite Pentecost Poem


Editor’s note: Father Willy is out of the country this week; we will keep him in our prayers as he travels to promote the work begun by Venerable Patrick Peyton, C.S.C.
Busy though he is, Father Willy always remembers the family in prayer, and he wanted to offer a reflection to help us prepare our hearts for Pentecost. -Barb

"Pentecost" by Fr. Willy Raymond (

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As we prepare our hearts for Pentecost, Father Willy shares a favorite poem about the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit: Longing for Pentecost

“It’s this that makes
My spirit spin,
My bones to quake,
My blood run thin,
My flesh to melt
Inside my skin,
My very pulse
Create a din,

It’s this that makes
My spirit spin,
That heaven is,
not up but In!”


-Sister Mary Ignatius, Sacred Heart Magazine, 1942.

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