The Beauty of Ordinary Time

"The beauty of Ordinary Time" by Rosemary Bodgan (

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It’s Ordinary Time. Again. How the quickly the seasons fly by. The older I get, the faster they fly. Once you reach a certain age you realize this is true. There is indeed a perception that time is passing faster. As alarming as this may be, it also brings a profound realization that every moment matters.

My friend with 11 children once said to me after the end of the Christmas season, “I love Ordinary Time.” I laughed and completely understood as she explained how she loved the peaceful passing of ordinary days. Yes, our celebrations are wonderful, but so is the quiet of the ordinary day.

I remember my dear sister-in-law Linda when she was very ill. Fighting for her life with cancer, Linda had for some time been bed-ridden. After a grueling but necessary surgery, she was able to walk again. We were talking on the phone. I said, “Linda, how’s it going? How are you feeling?”

She answered, “I’m wiping my kitchen counter so it will be nice for my family. And it’s filling me with so much joy that I am crying.”

I replied, “Oh Linda,” and began to cry myself.

How little we appreciate each moment. As mothers, we sometimes think of wiping the counter or doing the dishes as meaningless chores to complete so we can get to the more important or more interesting work. Linda taught me otherwise. Everything counts.

"The beauty of Ordinary Time" by Rosemary Bodgan (

Copyright 2018 Rosemary Bogdan. All rights reserved.

As I pick up laundry I can grumble about the quantity. I can complain in my heart that I would like more time to do the things I particularly love. Or I can thank the Lord that I can walk, that I can bend and pick things up. I can rejoice that the Lord has blessed me with the ability and the opportunity to love both Him and my family by doing something that is not only necessary, but in reality gives glory to Him.

Yes, it is the love that makes the difference. May I do each simple job before me with great love. And may it fill me with joy that the Lord has allowed me to love him and others with the common tasks of the ordinary day.

Copyright 2018 Rosemary Bogdan


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Rosemary Bogdan is a wife, mother of six adult children, and a grandmother. She homeschooled her children when they were young and currently substitute teaches at her favorite Catholic school. When not spending time with her family, Rosemary writes at A Catholic Mother's Thoughts and

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  1. Beautiful and so very true!!! Thankful for minor aches and psibs, as well, proving we have used our body to do something valuable no matter how minial it seems at the time! God bless you!

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