Daily Gospel Reflection for June 23, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 6:24-34

“You cannot serve God and mammon.”

When I looked up the word “mammon” on Wikipedia, the phrase “Associated with the greedy pursuit of gain” jumped right out at me. I’m a stay-at-home mom. So I know I’m not sacrificing my principles by working at a sleazy job just for the great salary. Nonetheless, something inside of me still said I was guilty of serving mammon.

Greedy gain comes in ​all different forms. Befriending someone just to g​et access to the right crowd makes it about us, not her. Extending a kindness for the gratitude and recognition means we’re giving with strings attached. Helping someone today so she’ll help us tomorrow makes it a selfish act, not selfless. If I’m truly honest with myself, ​I’ve been guilty of all these things, at one time or another.

Yes, we are meant to​ ​take all these actions​; ​but we’re supposed to do so with right intention. If our motivation is a selfish one, we’re seeking first the kingdom of self. Instead, our motivation needs to be a selfless one. That’s how we seek first the kingdom of God.


When I do things for others, is my motivation selfish? Or pure?


Dear God, help me to make seeking Your kingdom the reason for all I do.

Copyright 2018 Claire McGarry

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