The Broken Body of Christ

"The broken body of Christ" by Mary Lou Rosien (

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Jesus Christ offers us His Body, broken for us through his death and in the Eucharist. We are also the Body of Christ and now, we are broken too …

I am heartbroken that this type of abuse and the subsequent mishandling of it has taken place in a Church that I love with my entire being. I’d like to share with you my own thought process over the past few days and some of the conclusions that I’ve come to.

This is horrible and I feel injured personally. If you feel similarly, it is a normal and even justified feeling. Luckily, faith is more than feelings. The truth is the truth, even when the people charged with presenting that truth don’t follow it.

Should we leave? I questioned, but then the words of the apostles ran through my head, “Where can I go? You have the words of eternal life!”

I sought counsel and strength through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Then, I turned to the Eucharist and felt the kiss of Jesus as my consolation.

I turned my pain around and considered the pain of the good priests I know who have been injured by this even more than I have. I prayed for them. I reached out to them. I thanked them for their vocations.

We remember in the Old Testament, David was a murderer and yet he was chosen to lead a nation and even became the line from which Jesus would come. Peter denied Christ and ran away! Saul/St. Paul oversaw the persecution of Christians!! God can use us all. No matter where our own actions lead.

I believe the Church will experience a reformation again. The Church always self-corrects and it’s important to remember that there have been very few cases since 2002 when new safeguards and rules were put in place. Read the USCCB statement.

I am happy to discuss any of this with you. If you have questions or are struggling know that I am praying for you, loving you and here for you! WE are the Church. We can work together and pray for God to cleanse and sanctify the Bride of Christ.

We can offer our broken body back to the Lord and He will make all things new.

What can we do?


Encourage our parish priests in their vocations.

Ask for our priests to have “listening sessions” for those who have questions or concerns.

Don’t make ourselves vulnerable to abuse or put those in ministry in that position. (Always meet in groups of three or more, don’t ask those in ministry to give rides home to our kids, and so on.)

Educate ourselves on the issues and solutions. Read the Vatican’s response.

Frequent the sacraments for strength.

Participate in Creating a Safe Environment training and even the development of new programs.

Pray more!

“Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and your religious act like religious.” – Fulton J. Sheen

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Mary Lou Rosien is a Catholic wife, mom to seven, educator, writer, and speaker. She is the author of several books including Three Things Divorced Catholics need to Know and The Joy-Filled Broken Heart. She is known for her love of all things cooking and baking, especially “Friday cookies.” Visit her at


  1. Anne Marie Hennigan on

    Mary, I write this from Dublin, Ireland, as the World Meeting of Families is getting underway. I remember the glory days of our Church in Ireland….the days when too many of our much honored priests and religious were betraying the trust placedcin them by Our Lord and his people. Yesterday, I took part in a meet and greet for the World Meeting of Families. I was heartened to meet so many people from around the world and around my city who are faithful to Our Lord. Ordinary, decent and intelligent people who see beyond the unrelenting hostility of our local media whose opposition to the Church borders on the hysterical. I have been so saddened to see so many Irish people rejoice in the streets at the introduction of abortion into our country. I believe th they have acted out of misplaced compassionate. I have been sickened to see how so many comercial outlets donned the rainbow colours of Gay Pride but can’t seem to find a yellow and white flag to honour the visit of Pope Francis next Sunday.
    Then I remember how my beautiful country is dotted with places made holy by those who gathered to hear Mass in secret, with watchmen posted in case the soldiers would come and catch their priest. To be a priest in Ireland was to risk the awful punishment of being hung, drawn and quartered. I remembered how St. Oliver Plunkett was martyered for his faith and I think that the Church was at it’s best when it was outlawed.
    I dedicated my country once again to the intercession of St Patrick and St Oliver Plunkett, and to Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland and Queen of Peace.

    • Anne Marie (You have my youngest daughters beautiful name)

      I, too, am worried about my country of America for your same reasons. In her blog, and with her quote from Bishop Sheen, Mary Lou has given both of us good, sound advice about what we can do by staying informed, much prayer, and I would add, polishing up our courage–because we are Christ’s soldiers now.

    • Thank you for your inspirational reply (sorry for the delayed response, we were on vacation with limited internet). I believe all we can do is to pray, stay close to Christ (especially through the sacraments) and make reparation. We often overlook the damage that any sin, all sin, does to the entire body of Christ. Likewise, we must not now overlook the healing that all our prayers and sacrifices can do for all of us!

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