With the Heart of a Mother

"With the heart of a mother" by Rakhi McCormick (CatholicMom.com)

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The current news cycle is horrifying for the heart of a mother. Beyond the brokenness of the world at large, we are learning just how very broken our own church is. It is a shocking revelation for many of us, though for others this reality has been present over time.

Emotions are running high.

“Start flipping tables!” they scream.

“Pray and fast.” they offer.

Others, others cannot find words or actions as they work through the complicated thoughts and conflicting emotions.

The Church has faced turmoil and scandal through the annals of history. We are not the first to encounter the brokenness that comes from mingling our own fallen humanity with the divine. How do we, in a time such as this, respond? I believe the answer lies in a mother’s heart. It is a heart equally filled with sorrow and hope, with the burning fire and cool waters of the Spirit. It is a place of contradiction and conviction.

We pray. We pray with the conviction and steadfastness of St. Monica for her son.

We cry. It is okay to mourn and to lament for (and with) those harmed. We were failed too. Lamenting does not betray our faith, but demonstrates a beautiful facet of it.

We correct in love. Mothers are not strangers to corrective action or embracing teachable moments. It is not a failure of love but a necessary product of it.

We come together. Is there anything more powerful than a band of mama bears seeking the good of one another and their children? It’s time to help one another through, linking arms so we all stay afloat. It’s time to appreciate the varied gifts and temperaments we bring, to encourage each other to fully claim the full power of her spirit without diminishing those gifts. It is time to sing in one full voice, not in monotone – but with the power of a glorious symphony.

Come mamas, let’s sing …

Copyright 2018 Rakhi McCromick


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Rakhi is a Catholic wife and mother who works in parish communications part-time while trying to keep up with her husband, three young children, and a growing creative business. She is a convert from Hinduism and spent many years working in young adult and campus ministry. Rakhi’s blog and artwork can be found at The Pitter Patter Diaries, where her mission is to share the love of Christ with the world.

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