Daily Gospel Reflection for September 18, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Luke 7:11-17

What a powerful Scripture! Can you imagine the sorrow that filled the heart of this widow as she walked behind the casket of her son? Can you imagine the awe, even the shock when Jesus told her, “Do not weep” followed by telling her son, “Young man, I tell you, arise!”?

My heart and mind go into overload when I try to imagine being in her shoes. As I thought about this, I thought both fear and joy would fill my heart. I would be afraid of what I just witnessed, and my heart would overflow with joy at having my son with me once again.

Jesus calls us to have faith in him, to believe he can do all things. He is God born man. This Scripture leaves me contemplating my faith. Is my faith strong enough to believe Jesus can do such miracles? I felt deeply touched by this story, deeply astounded by God’s power and by Jesus’ love and compassion for this woman. His compassion is not limited to those who walked the earth when He did. His compassion is extended to each of us, every day, whether we are aware of it or not.

As I thought about this Scripture my good friend came to mind. She is almost 70 years old. Every morning, Monday through Friday, she delivers meals to the elderly and homebound. She does this no matter the weather. She does this when volunteers in their early 20s call in because it is raining. In the afternoons, she visits the nursing home and helps the residents play bingo. She organizes the monthly breakfasts at church and helps clear the altar after Mass. I witness God’s compassion extended to the world through her.

Jesus gave us the perfect example of showing compassion to others. He calls each of us to look at those around us with compassion and to respond to their needs with compassion.


How has God called you to respond to others with compassion?


Father, help me to follow the example of Jesus and respond to the needs of others with the same compassion He showed the widow taking her son to be buried.

Copyright 2018 Lorrie Lane Dyer

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Lorrie Lane Dyer is a facilitator for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation with the University of Dayton as well as religious education and parish coordinator. She is working on her Masters of Leadership Development, with a focus in Military Chapel programs at St. Mary of the Woods College. Her faith provides her with inspiration for many of her poetry collections, columns and short stories.

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