Daily Gospel Reflection for September 22, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:4-15

Today’s gospel is probably very familiar. It is the parable of the sower that is included in all three synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke). I recently read an interesting explanation of this tale. It asserted that it is the sower’s fault that the seed falls on infertile ground. The sower did not take the time to properly prepare the ground for the seed.

This made sense to me even with the limited gardening experience I have. I wouldn’t just throw seed on the ground and hope it would yield fruit. No, I would create a designated bed, remove the rocks and brambles. I would make a space where the seed had the best chance to germinate. I would also continue to tend it with water and weed pulling. This gives me the best chance in getting the crop I planted.

If what I’m sowing is God’s word, then in the hopes of evangelizing I must prepare my friend to hear what I’m saying. What better way to plant that seed than with love and kindness? What better way to expect to yield another follower of Christ than by showing Christ’s concern for us? I have found that people will more readily listen to you if you have listened to them and shown that you genuinely care. By preparing the ground for the seed, the gospel message will be heard more clearly and accepted more readily. As St Francis is credited with saying: preach the gospel at all times, when necessary use words.


How can I best prepare the ground to sow the seed of the gospel?


Dear Lord, please strengthen me with Your grace so that I can effectively show the world Your good news.

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Ann Rock is a mother of a 22 year old son. She works as a companion to senior citizens. In her down time Ann loves bible study and paper crafts.

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