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In some ways, closets are the great equalizer. Whether your organizational style is I need to see itcram and jam or I know I put it somewhere, chances are that if you’re looking for clothing, your closet makes the short list of places to start. Once inside, however, finding what you want when you want it can be a challenge. Taking your styles into account when creating your closet setup can make the difference between finding what you want in short order — and in wearable condition —  and digging through piles, hoping the item you want is clean and not (too) rumpled.

A few simple, style-based strategies can take a closet from standard to superb. Here are a few to try.

Color code. In this case we’re not talking about using files or folders, but hanging clothes of similar hues together. This makes it easier for those with an I need to see it or I know I put it somewhere organizational style, (along with with cram and jammers who actually hang things up) to find that particular red blouse or navy skirt, or perhaps to rediscover a forgotten piece.

Standard issue might not be the standard. Walk-in closets notwithstanding, standard-issue closet equipment usually consists of a hanging rod and a shelf, but, depending on your styles, these might not be the best tools. Shelves, drawer units, hooks, and bins can augment or replace the standard issue, especially if they’re a better match for your styles. Not sure where to start? Take a look at what you use, what you don’t and what makeshift solutions you’ve come up with.

The right hanger makes a difference. If your closet is stuffed to the gills, choosing low profile or multi-garment hangers can buy you some space. Not sure what you want? Make changes a few hangers at a time, then choose the ones that work best. This can double as a closet clean-out as well. If you use the new hangers to rehang clothes you’ve worn, by the end of the season, you’ll be able to easily see what you’ve worn and what you haven’t, making it easier to see which items might be past their prime.

Light it up. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, every trip into your closet becomes an adventure — and not necessarily a great one.While walk-in closets often come with their own lighting system, smaller, older closets often need an assist. No electricity? No problem. Small, battery-operated, stick-on lights can be stuck wherever they do the most good. If all else fails, try equipping your closet with a good flashlight.

One of the best things about a closet is that it is, at heart, a big, rectangular space — one you can customize any way you’d like. If you know which containers work for you in other spaces, why not use similar strategies to upgrade this space you face daily?

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