Gimme the sin, I ain’t got no shame!

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“What if, instead of taking the sin away, we took our shame away?”

These words were said on my television screen one morning during a talk show.

Two women were talking about … oh, let’s just say, a physical act that the Bible clearly says is indeed, a sin.

I sat with my jaw dropped, in awe of what I had just heard.

The point that was being made was not only scary, but so depressing.

The point was, *this act* people say, is a sin — and that makes me feel bad and guilty. So! I say fine, it is a sin, but I am not going to feel shameful for my sin any longer and will keep on sinning.

The host and the audience applauded at these “courageous” words.

This is what our society has become.

A society that has no problem saying, “Yup, I’m sinning. Big deal, I’m not going to feel bad about it.”

Shoot, not too long ago we’d be all about the debate. Nobody even cares about the debate anymore! It used to be a back and forth on right and wrong, good and bad.

Not anymore. If I like what I am doing, then it is all okay and that’s all that matters.

The fear of consequences is so completely lost.

What’s the biggest problem right now facing our Church, our government, our humanness?


Take a peek out there and you’ll see with simply a glance the negative effects contraception has had on our generation.

We didn’t take the sin seriously, and here we are.

We said, contraception, no big deal!

Here we are.

We took the shame out of the sin.

And here we are.

We’ve gotten ourselves into a real pickle, folks.

As faithful, dedicated Catholic moms trying our hardest to raise good and faithful kids, man.

How do any of us keep our stuff together?! How are we not only keeping our stuff together but thriving in this intense vocation?!

It’s a miracle.

It truly is.

All over Catholic radio I keep hearing,”Fast, pray, fast, pray. We are living in scary times.”

They’re right.

But sisters, this does not mean doom and gloom.

What this means is, God, out of all of the billions of people that have walked this earth, the Creator of all has chosen you and me “for such a time as this.”

This is a time of empowerment.

We are the soldiers God has chosen for battle, swords high and Love, the goal.

True, radical, Jesus overturning the tables kind of love.

Radical love for spreading the Gospel! Radical love for living Truth! Radical love for our faith! Radical love for God!

Fellow moms, we have to show up to this battle, guns a-blazin’!

Get your rosaries out, put the cookies away, pray and fast!

Encourage your Catholic community, however you can, whatever that looks like.

Fight for God’s light to explode to the ends of the earth.

Be a saint! Go big or go home!

This is an exciting time to be chosen to be alive. Use your life. Live your faith like you never have before. Encourage your husbands. Teach your kids to pray out to God everyday, all day. Be totally and completely Catholic, all that that means.

Sisters, we are blessed. Blessed! We get to look out there and Not. Be. Afraid.

We look out at that chaos and we get to excitedly yell up to the Heavens,” Use me, God! I beg you. Use me! Let me be your hands and feet. Here I am.”

Dear momma, let Him use you. Pour yourself out and into the mission He has created you for.

Do not be afraid. And never forget, you got His Momma on yo’ side.

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