Daily Gospel Reflection for October 12, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:15-26

Here we have an example of how people reacted to Jesus as he was performing His miracles. From whom was He deriving His power? Was it from God in heaven? Was it from Satan in that other place? How may it be explained?

First of all, the miracle in question was found in verse 14: Jesus drove out a demon from a mute man, thus enabling him to speak once again. The reactions of the people seem to mirror how people would react today to other situations. A house divided: good versus evil. Black versus white. Blue Devils versus Tar Heels. “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste and house will fall against house” (11:17). So a sports analogy here would seem extreme, given that this was Jesus’ reaction to His critics. However, a good point is raised: if we are divided, whether it be in our opinions, our daily lives, whatever, then how will we be able to accomplish anything? We are stronger working together and weaker when we allow our differences to divide us.

One last thing: when Jesus states that if He is able to drive out demons with the finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you (11:20), He’s stating that these miracles are a sign of the promises of God and the beginning of the end of the power of Satan over mankind.


Have there been times when you felt a division with someone, whether it be a friend or a loved one? What can you do to ease this division?


Gracious God, we know that there are times when we feel divisions with our friends and loved ones. Help us to open our minds and hearts that we may overcome our differences and work together to further Your Kingdom. In Your Name, we pray. Amen.

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Lyn Francisco is an organic chemist by training and education. When she is not at the lab bench, she occupies an organ bench in churches around Durham, NC. She also serves as cantor at Immaculate Conception Church in Durham.

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