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Tech Talk: Finding Purpose in Podcasts" by Lindsay Schlegel (

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More and more of my conversations lately include the phrase, “So I was listening to this podcast …” The format is my new favorite form of entertainment, but really it’s more than that. I learn about the world and reflect on my life when I listen, and I’m so grateful to the many talented people that put these together.

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, they’re kind of like episodes of talk radio that you can listen to online or download and listen to on an electronic device like an iPhone. You can subscribe to a show and have new episodes loaded automatically. Most current shows release one new episode per week.

I listen primarily while I’m working out (by the time this post is up, God willing, I’ll have completed my second half-marathon) and when I’m in the car. Most of what I listen to involves Catholicism, parenting, books, or a combination thereof.

First up is the Word on Fire Show, featuring Bishop Barron. This was my introduction to podcasts, and I’m a faithful listener. Bishop Barron is one of the most intelligent, well-read people I’ve ever heard, but he’s accessible and approachable at the same time. Topics are current, and each episode ends with a listener question. Some of the best episodes are the ones devoted to Q & A with children. Wherever you start, you’ll be informed and inspired.

Next up is Fountains of Carrots with Haley Stewart and Christy Isinger. You may know Haley from her book, The Grace of Enough, or her blog, Carrots for Michaelmas. Christy blogs at Fountains of Home. Together, they talk books, faith, and motherhood in a way that’s inviting and engaging. They can go deep, but there’s always levity in their conversations as well. You’re going to wish you could hang out with them in real life (or maybe that’s just me).

My husband introduced me to Heights Cast, a podcast from the Heights School in Potomac, Maryland. The content is rich and is helping us to be the parents we want to be. This is one of the beautiful things about podcasts: John and I each listen when we have an opportunity, and then we discuss after the kids are in bed. We are continuing to grow as parents (and as people) in a way that works really well with our current busy schedule. Look forward to good book recommendations from this one!

I was honored to be a guest on the next two podcasts, while promoting my book, Don’t Forget to Say Thank You: And Other Parenting Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God.

Chloe Langr is the foundress of Letters to Women. Inspired by Pope St. John Paul II’s Letter to Women, Chloe interviews women who are living out the feminine genius in their own ways. Her first interview was with her mom — how beautiful is that? Each episode is titled in the vein of, “A Letter to the Woman Who …” I love how she’s building community and empathy among women, since we can be hard on ourselves and on each other.

I was also grateful to join the conversation at Thriving in the Trenches, a show for women in the thick of motherhood, who are looking to develop their homes as domestic churches. My friend Alana Newman mentioned me in an episode, and the next thing I knew, I was on the show! These women have such a love for the Catholic faith and for Truth, and their mission is to encourage listeners to pursue friendship and laughter on their journeys. It was a joy to spend some time with them!

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What are your favorite podcasts? When do you listen and how do podcasts inspire you?
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  1. Besides the usual Catholic women’s podcasts, I love the Art of Manliness podcast. It has a nice variety of interesting topics and great guests. My husband and I also like to listen to One Extraordinary Marriage podcast and have lots of discussions about this.

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