Daily Gospel Reflection for November 13, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Luke 17:7-10

If you’ve ever patted yourself on the back for your stellar Christian faith, today’s Gospel is for you. And maybe you’ve never actually had the nerve to say aloud, “Boy, Am I a stellar Christian!” But come on, haven’t you sometimes thought it? Perhaps I’m sharing an incredible weakness of my own here, but I like playing the devoted Christian and martyr. After all, I am spending my time writing a Gospel reflection here (and you are, after all, reading it!) You and I must be stellar Christians and deserve some praise! Besides that, I faithfully go to Mass each week. I pray. I serve my husband and children, sometimes even joyfully. I even serve my parish by teaching CCD. I do deserve a “pat” on the back.

But it’s back to the last line of the gospel reading, “…we have done what we were obliged to do.” And when I honestly consider that line, I realize that it’s true. I’ve only done what I was obliged to do, and even being able to do these things is only possible because of God’s grace. On my own, I would do none of these.

Only by God’s grace can I pray, take care of my family, and even serve the Church. His grace allows me to do all of these things. I am nothing on my own. And for this reason, all patting on backs must cease. “We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.”


Do I often consider my devotion and faith as something that I’ve achieved on my own, instead of seeing it as God’s grace in my life?


Dear Loving Father,
Thank you for considering me worthy to be your servant and even better, your loving son or daughter. Please help me to serve you in a worthy manner, giving you all of the glory you deserve.

Copyright 2018 Tami Kiser

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