Kids Will Love These Fast-paced Adventures at American Landmarks


The first two missions in the Saint Michael the Archangel Academy Series by Andrea Jo Rodgers would make a great gift for young readers! The fast-paced adventures are engaging and fun with clues and puzzles for readers to solve alongside Team Liberty, plus they include a healthy dose of history of prominent American landmarks.

Most kids dream of being recruited to an elite mystery-solving/crime-solving team, don’t they? I did. That dream comes true for John, an ordinary kid without any extraordinary talents.

In Saving Mount Rushmore, he’s quickly plunged into a mystery involving the potential defacing of the beloved American site. With his new friends/teammates (Team Liberty) and a series of clues, John must help stop the bad guys (Team Mischief) and keep this national monument safe from harm.

Along the way, they’ll learn a lot about Mount Rushmore and its history as well as the simple but important message that it’s okay if you’re not super-talented at something. We all have gifts. Maybe a bunch of regular ones. And that’s often more than enough!

The second installment in the series, Saving the Statue of Liberty, sends John and Team Liberty to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Team Liberty helps and supports one another both on the mission and with trials at home. John demonstrates integrity by saving a member of Team Mischief when her life is endangered.

Both books are underpinned by a bit of Catholicism — prayer and the academy under the patronage of Saint Michael. The messages are simple and the threats to the national treasures a little silly, but that’s part of what makes it a good fit for young readers. It’s so fun they may not even realize they’re learning American history while they read!

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