Daily Gospel Reflection for December 27, 2018 - St. John the Evangelist


Today’s Gospel: John 20:1A AND 2-8 – St. John the Evangelist

“Then the other disciple also went in, the one who had arrived at the tomb first, and he saw and believed.”

Did he believe that the Romans had moved Jesus’ body or did he believe that Jesus had risen from the grave? As we read further we understand the meaning of the text, just as the longer we spend time with Jesus in prayer, in the Sacraments, and in being his hands in doing good works, do we realize what it means to be a Christian.

As Christians, we know where we want our journey to end, in heaven. We also know that Jesus is the way to heaven. But the road between now and heaven is unknown and filled with brief moments of joy, long tiring stretches of effort, and what seem like eternal occurrences of grief.

To get through the tiring stretches and the grief we need to cling to Jesus. In the good times, we need to pray. In the boring times, we need to pray. And in our sorrow, we need to pray.

Prayer in the good times and the boring times will help build our faith so we are better prepared for when the bad times come. Even atheists have been known to pray at the worst of times, but that is like putting on your seatbelt after the collision.

We have an advantage over the disciples. We can read the rest of the story that was yet to be written as they lived it. We would be smart if we used that advantage and spent time in prayer each day preparing ourselves for the challenges ahead.


Looking back over your life can you recall when God helped to sustain you through difficult times?


Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit please help me to cling to You in the difficult times, help me to acknowledge Your help during the normal times, and give me the words to adequately praise You in the joyous times. Amen.

Copyright 2018 Dennis McGeehan

Dennis P. McGeehan is the father of eight children, four with special needs. He also has thirty-four years of professional work with persons with disabilities. He blogs and is available to speak on this topic. His web page is www.warriorsworlddad.com. He is the author of The Diaries of Joseph and Mary.

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